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The summit drive From the Megantic mountain to the Ham mountain, explore the stream!


Brigitte Boisjoli chante Plamondon

June 16th, 2018 at 20h00


Festival Saint-Zénon de Piopolis

The worlds of Brigitte Boisjoli and Luc Plamondon met a little more than five years ago and have come together again in Autumn 2017, for the production of a 100% Plamondon show and a new record concocted for the occasion.This tour entirely devoted to the work of one of the greatest lyricists of the Francophonie, will highlight famous songs and other titles that will see the light again, and in other latitudes with the artistic imprint of Brigitte. Audience artist, Brigitte Boisjoli presents a show “Signé Plamondon”.

À l'église du Village

Église Saint-Zénon de Piopolis 
459 rue Principale 
Piopolis (Québec) 
G0Y 1H0

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  • Brigitte Boisjoli chante Plamondon
Brigitte Boisjoli chante Plamondon