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The summit drive From the Megantic mountain to the Ham mountain, explore the stream!


Mario Pelchat - En Toute Intimité

August 18th, 2018 at 20h00


Originally from Quebec in Canada, MARIO PELCHAT has devoted his entire career to French-language songwriting. It is in 1973 that he goes on stage for the first time, from this moment, the passion of singing will not leave him any more. Recipient of several awards including male performer of the year, album of the year and show of the year and as many gold and platinum records in Canada, MARIO celebrated in 2011, 30 years of profession marked by success on record and on stage. It was in September 1981 that MARIO PELCHAT recorded a first single which kicked off his career. To learn more about his rich career, refer to http://www.mariopelchat.com/biographie/

At the village church

Église Saint-Zénon de Piopolis
459 rue Principale
Piopolis (Québec)
G0Y 1H0

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  • Mario Pelchat - En Toute Intimité
Mario Pelchat - En Toute Intimité