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The summit drive From the Megantic mountain to the Ham mountain, explore the stream!


Camp FortEstrie

  • Camp FortEstrie
Camp FortEstrie


Log-construction cabin for rent, located in a 6-acre forest on the Summit Drive. Capacity: 6 people Available from May 1st to September 15 This cabin is located at 15 km from Parc national du Mont-Mégantic, dedicated to astronomy research and the first International Dark-Sky Reserve. The cabin is independent. There is no electricity, the water is provided by gravity and a hand-pump is used to get water. Lighting is provided by battery lamps. Propane is used to cook. About 20 km from Lac-Mégantic, supermarket, shopping center, hospital, playground, commodities. Equipment: - Bedding, dish - Picnic table - Radio - 2 Queen size bed bedrooms - Mezzanine with a double bed