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The summit drive From the Megantic mountain to the Ham mountain, explore the stream!


La Maison L. Jacob


In the middle of the village of Saint-Sébastien, in the old general store, the bed and breakfast La Maison Linière Jacob offers two period bedrooms for a comfortable stay. They also offer a café and a gift shop where you can have a well-deserved break. For a meal, a snack, or a good, hot coffee, they offer a variety of products, each more delicious than the other: coffee and its products, homemade meals especially cooked to delight you. The dining room can accommodate up to 19 people, which is perfect for small groups. (It is preferable to make a reservation for the meals to ameliorate the service.)

The owners, Line and André, have a passion for history and can initiate you to genealogy. On request, they will make you discover your family history and your origins. A unique experience in region!

Number of units: 3 (non-moking)


  • Private bathroom (1)
  • Shared bathroom (1)


  • Breakfast included
  • Restaurant and boutique on site
  • Internet access
  • Family history
  • Common living room with television and library
  • Foyer intérieur

Activities nearby:

  • Maison du Granit: interpretation centre and hiking trails
  • Cycling: Tour des Sommets Cycling Route
  • L'érable à son Meilleur: interpretation centre, maple wine tasting session, and boutique