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The summit drive From the Megantic mountain to the Ham mountain, explore the stream!


Sentier du Morne - hiking trail

  • Sentier du Morne - hiking trail
Sentier du Morne - hiking trail


For a short hiking excursion on Mount Morne (820 m), two trails of 1.2 km each lead to the summit where the landscape will surely please you. Observation tower and orientation tables. Beautiful 360º panoramic view from the high observation tower as well as a "summit meeting" guidepost. It indicates the altitude and the surrounding points of interest.

Operating from May to October

Access: by Route 263, departure in front of Maison du Granit

Level: Beginner

Features: panoramic view of 360 degrees from the top of the observation tower. Four reading tables made out of granite.

Leashed pets allowed

Activities on site: Granite interpretation center, guided tour, souvenir shop, scenic viewpoint.