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The summit drive From the Megantic mountain to the Ham mountain, explore the stream!


Véloroute or Mount Mégantic

  • Véloroute or Mount Mégantic
Véloroute or Mount Mégantic

Véloroute of Mount Mégantic, is a circuit of 58,1K or 66,K for intermediate-level bikers. Highlighting the majestic Megantic's Massif.

LENGTH: 58,1K or 66,4K if you park at the  parc national du Mont-Mégantic. 

SURFACES : paved shoulders from La Patrie to Val-Racine, designated stone dust path from Val-Racine to Scotstown, designated paved road from Hampden to La Patrie

LEVEL: intermediate

DURATION : about 3 h 30

- Parc national du Mont-Mégantic ($) : 189, route du Parc, Notre-Dame-des-Bois (add 8,3K to your itinerary) 
- La Patrie rest area : rue Chapleau / rue Galarneau 
- Val-Racine's township office : 2991, chemin St-Léon, Val-Racine 

- Accomodations  
- Drinking water, toilets, telephone
- Bike rest area  
- Landscapes
- Taxi-Bike-Hike service (1 877 766-VÉLO)

Axe cyclable Eau Sommet (Notre-Dame-des-Bois)